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New range of detox-drinks in Merry Berry!

Health consciousness has become a real trend nowadays, and it has inspired us to create a new range of healthy drinks. We named them Detox, because each ingredient stands for a wealth of vitamins, while the lightness and nutrition of blends helps the body to relieve and refresh itself.

You can taste all 9 flavors at any cafe of the Merry Berry chain. We promise that the flavor will make you come back again and again! Choose your favorite one:
Detox 1: almond milk, avocado, apple, spinach, lemon, lettuce, ginger, honey
Detox 2: apple, carrot, banana, spinach, pumpkin seeds, honey
Detox 3: pineapple, beet, strawberry, lemon, ginger, honey
Detox 4: apple, celery, lettuce, spinach, banana, honey
Detox 5: apple, grapefruit, celery, banana, lettuce, parsley, honey
Detox 6: apple, pineapple, broccoli, parsley, ginger, honey
Detox 7: pear, pineapple, celery, lettuce, parsley, honey
Detox 8: lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange, honey
Detox 9: blueberries, lime, orange, honey

More News:

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  • On the eve of the New Year, we would like to remind you that each guest of the Merry Berry chain deserves special attention, love and care. We thank you for your choice. For your trust. For your smiles. Thank