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About Merry Berry

Merry Berry — a chain of cafes with a ten-year history, which offers a range of signature drinks, healthy dishes and delicious desserts for the guests.

For today, Merry Berry family consists of 30 locations all over Ukraine, 22 of which are franchisees. We receive more than 1 000 000 guests per month, so we simply can not afford to be boring and lag behind the latest trends in the industry.

The three main advantages that distinguish us from our colleagues are versatility, service speed and interior. The menu is designed both for a quick breakfast with a vitamin smoothie and for a quiet lunch with a freshly baked bagel and a signature drink. Due to the regular refreshing of precooked dishes, all orders are served in 3-4 minutes, and the interior works for both working and friendly meetings.

Positive thinking in business and life allows us to experiment with tastes, introduce to the visitors latest gastronomic trends and create our own ones inside the chain. For example, we roast coffee by ourselves using a special method, and desserts are made only with seasonal products, without food dyes, artificial flavors or other chemicals.

By the way, the Merry Berry chain was one of the first to offer Odessa the widest selection of smoothies in the city, including vegetable milk — more than 20 choices of a healthy drink, made with organic products, the quality of which we strictly control.

Development and improvement for us is not a loud word, but the whole philosophy.

And also, we pay a lot of attention to the inner climate. When you arrive at any of Merry Berry cafés for the first time, you will feel an overwhelming sense of cosiness and tranquility throughout your stay. And when you talk to the team, you’ll realize that care and positive energy are an important part of internal communication.

We know that the pleasure of life is hidden in small, insignificant details — whether it’s aroma of homemade pastry or a smile of barista who makes a coffee to go.

Become the part of Merry Berry family and make your life better with us!