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Summer Vibe Menu!

What does your summer taste like? 🏝️
Catch the NEW MENU at Merry Berry Cafe 👇🏻

🥤 Ice Latte Matcha
🍐 Pear lemonade
🥛 Raspberry Frappuccino
🍑 Raspberry-Peach Smoothie

Tasty, cool, useful, and really unforgettable ✨
Taste Summer Vibe in all Merry Berry's Cafe 💜

More News:

  • The new refreshing strawberry menu is already available in all Merry Berry Cafes ☕️ Favorite drinks in new variations, this is what you really need in summer 🌴 Choose your summer mood: 🍑 Refreshing strawberry-apricot lemonade - based on natural
  • It's time to add bright colors and a good mood with Merry Berry! 🌷 Taste the spring renewal at the beloved Merry Berry Cafe Pay attention to the drinks: 🍓Juice Smoothie - a delicious, natural combination of juice and fruit